1. Download

Download the TYPO3 7.6 core and unpack it. Do not install the TYPO3 system.

2. Unpack the template zip file

Unpack the zip file “t3bootstrap_XXXXXX.zip” in this directory.

Unpack the zip file “dump_t3bootstrap_XXXXXX.zip” and import the sql file in your mysql database.

3. Update the configuration file

Update the LocalConfiguration.php file in your typo3conf dir. Enter the database login settings of your database und update the site name.

Edit the realurlconf.php file in the same dir. Enter your domain(s) and delete the other domain entries.

6. Call Install Tool

For your own safty call the Install-Tool, change passwords and check the configuration. Maybe your webserver needs other file or direction permissions.

4. Login

Login to the TYPO3 backend with username admin and password joh316 .

7. Edit domain entries in backend

Edit the domain entries on page “TYPO3 Bootstrap Template”. Only your domains have to be listed.
Edit the constant "baseUrl" in main template.

8. Flush TYPO3 caches

Flush all TYPO3 caches.

You should be able to call the TYPO3 frontend with your domain.

Do not forget to change the mode in Install Tool to production mode later.

Please do not install TYPO3 in a sub dir, for example www.domain.de/neuestypo3/ . Use a subdomain like: new.domain.de
This saves a lot of trouble with the TYPO3 system.